• “Gerrit Wunder … an extraordinary musician and composer … Gerrit is what I like to refer to as a triple threat composer. He has an immense classical background coupled with a very current and “hip” ear. In addition, he is an excellent technician in the studio and highly skilled as a sequencing engineering music maker. He has just that special gift of writing music in a way that places him a cut above the rest in the field.”
    (Mike Post, considered the most successful composer in television history with over 6,000 hours of scored episodic US television, including Law and Order)
  • “Gerrit composed a breathtaking score for this film (“Bloodtraffick”), one that perfectly fits the picture and hits all the different points but still is a narrative piece that also stands on its own, as music. This is a rare ability that only great film composers have, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to other filmmakers.”
    (Jennifer Thym, award-winning American film director)
  • “Gerrit is one of the most talented composers I have had the pleasure of working with, and his achievements show him to be one of the greatest talents of the next generation of film composers.”
    (Jennifer Harmon, Representative for Film and Television Music at ASCAP)
  • “The quality of his music reminded me of the great masters of the classic film music that came from Europe to the United States in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It’s been many years since I’ve seen a young composer with so much talent.”
    (William Stromberg, Grammy nominated conductor and composer)
  • “Gerrit Wunder is a film and television composer of exemplary talent and skill. I found Gerrit to not only possess extraordinary musical skills (badly needed within our community) but, additionally and equally important, the business acumen called upon to encourage those for whom we write music to give music the best possible opportunity to serve their film. He is an asset we truly need.”
    (Richard Bellis, Emmy award winning film and television composer/teacher and author of “The Emerging Film Composer”)
  • “Gerrit truly possesses unusual and unique musical gifts; his film and TV scores are inspiring to listen to and there is an air of sincerity and “rightness” about them. In addition to his great musical talent, he is a highly agreeable individual, not prone to airs or argumentative positions, and is open to friendly discussion and criticism.”
    (Michael Givens, Writer/Director/Cinematography with credits including more than 35 feature films and a thousand plus commercials)