Jurassic World VR Expedition

Original Soundtrack for the VR ride produced by Universal Studios, VRC and Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Entertainment

Dead Men

Original Soundtrack for the 3h Western Drama, directed by Royston Innes / Sony, Vision Films, 180min


Original Soundtrack for the Hulu/MGM pilot, directed by2 time academy award winner Robert Stromberg (Maleficent), created by Hank Steinberg (The Last Ship)

Magic in the Moonlight

Directed  by Woody Allen, starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth – music for movie advertising

Postman Pat – You’re the One

Additional music composed for the Dreamworks Classics animated feature, directed by Mike Disa, 88min

Na-Naia: Legend of the Dolphins

Original Soundtrack for the feature documentary, starring Gerard Butler, Megan Fox, James Franco, Daryl Hannah and Kate Winslet, directed by Jonathon Kay

Terra Mater

Original Soundtrack for several episodes of the TV Nature Documentary Series, produced by Red Bull Media

Inside America

Original Soundtrack for the multi award winning independent drama, USA/Austria, directed by Barbara Eder. “…a fine line between a documentary sensibility and highly dramatized stories.” – The Hollywood Reporter, 107min

She’s Got A Plan

Original Soundtrack for the independent Comedy, directed by Fatima Washington and Corey Johnson, 94min

Offensive Combat

Music composed for the game trailer, produced by Filmograph

Gato Grande

Music for the Studio-Logo, produced by Filmograph


Music for Match TV Sports

Kiss The Devil In The Dark

Original Soundtrack for the multi award winning horror Short, directed by Jonathan Martin, starring Doug Jones. Bohemian Industries, 30min

Creatures Of Whitechapel

Original Soundtrack for the multi award win Horror Short, directed by Jonathan Martin and Rebecca Martin, 30min

Southern Cross 

Original Soundtrack for the TV Crime Thriller, directed by Barbara Eder, produced by ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, 90min