Austrian born composer Gerrit Wunder studied classical composition, jazz composition, music technology and film music at the University of Music in Vienna and holds a masters degree in composition. As a freelance and award-winning film- and TV composer, he writes and produces music for major European and American film productions, TV stations and commercials.

He is one of the very few composers in the world who consecutively won both the prestigious ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers in Los Angeles. As a result, he was asked to work with Mike Post on the US hit series Law and Order. Post, considered the most successful composer in television history, refers to Wunder as having “that special gift of writing music in a way that places him a cut above the rest in the field.”

In the international, Wunder-scored TV-documentary The Sound of Hollywood about legendary Austrian-born Hollywood composer Max Steiner (Gone With the Wind), he was featured alongside other prominent composers such as Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman.

The versatility of his compositional capabilities becomes evident in the breadth of projects he is involved with. From writing scores for independent movies that have gone on to win awards at international film festivals, his range equally covers music for well-known TV shows such as Cold Case, America’s got Talent or House of Anubis. Various major TV Movies and Series broadcasted on networks such as Discovery Channel, BBC, History Channel, Fox or PBS as well as commercials for companies such as Hewlett Packard or Amnesty International round up the list.

Since 2012 Wunder resides in Los Angeles, California. He is a composer of the hollywood based music house Musikverngnuegen, working for clients such as „Warner Brothers“, „Dreamworks“, Intel or BMW just to name a few.

After working on the Dreamworks Classics animation film “Postman Pat – You’re the One”  alongside veteran composer Rupert Gregson-Williams at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, he is now scoring the western miniseries “Dead Men” (Sierra/Engine Entertainment).

Recent credits include:
  • Dawn (music for the MGM pilot directed by Robert Stromberg (Maleficent), created by Hank Steinberg (The Last Ship))
  • Magic in the Moonlight (directed by Woody Allen, starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth – music for movie advertising)
  • Postman Pat – You’re the One (Dreamworks Classics/ BBC Films, directed by Mike Disa)
  • Life (5 minute commercial for, directed by Robert Stromberg (Maleficent, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland))
  • Terra Mater (TV Nature Documentary Series for the BBC, produced by Red Bull Media)
  • Dead Men (TV Mini Series, directed Royston Innes)
  • Na-Naia: Legend of the Dolphins (Feature Documentary, Canada, starring Daryl Hannah and Kate Winslet, directed by Jonathon Kay)
  • Inside America (Multi Award winning Drama, Austria/USA, directed by Barbara Eder,"…a fine line between a documentary sensibility and highly dramatized stories." – The Hollywood Reporter)