Gerrit Wunder is an award-winning composer based in Los Angeles. He is the composer of over 40 films (features, documentaries and TV), commercials, trailers, studio logos and virtual reality projects.

A recipient of the BMI Pete Carpenter Award, the Utah Film Awards and the Global Music Awards, Wunder has, among others, recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Fox Studios with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as  the Hollywood Studio Symphony.

He has scored virtual reality hits like “Jurassic World VR Expedition” (Universal Studios/VRC), independent movies like the western “Dead Men” (Sony/Vision Films/Sierra Entertainment), nature documentaries for Red Bull Media and the BBC and has written additional music for franchises like “Postman Pat – The Movie” (Dreamworks Classics). His music has been licensed in over 200 countries and networks like ABC, FOX, Discovery Channel  or BBC, including shows such as Cold Case, America’s Got Talent, Deadly Women or House of Anubis.

Holding a masters degree in composition from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Austria), he is one of the very few composers in the world who consecutively won both the prestigious ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers in Los Angeles. As a result, he was asked to work with Mike Post on the US hit series „Law and Order“. Post, considered the most successful composer in television history, refers to Wunder as having “that special gift of writing music in a way that places him a cut above the rest in the field.”

Gerrit Wunder resides in Santa Monica, California.